Top 10 Best Micro SD Card For Lenovo Tablet

Have you ever wondered what is the best micro SD card for Lenovo tablet? If yes, then you’re in the right place. We are going to take a look at the top options and help you choose the perfect memory card for your device.

Not all micro SD cards are made for your Lenovo tablet and it’s important to choose the right one for your device. If you buy the wrong card for your Lenovo tablet, you might end up with a non-working memory card or one that affects your devices performance.

When deciding which product or model to buy, there are three things to consider:

  • Size capacity
  • Write/Read Speed
  • Brand and Model Quality

Size Capacity Recommended

Lenovo Tablets are recommended to have a minimum size capacity of 32GB to 64GB. This can depend on the individual’s needs as well as the cost of the Micro SD card. Sometimes the prices can be expensive for 64GB+, it is highly recommended to go bigger than 32GB just so there is no shortage in options when uploading, downloading, or backing up data.

Write / Read Speed

Having an SD Card with high write and read speed will give you the ability to transfer data to your computer in less time, thus saving you time. Having fast card read/write speeds will also allow you to use it for various video recording purposes, RAW image formats, JPEG images, and the like.

Brand & Model Quality

Brand and model are very important to determine the quality and durability of the cards. There are many companies manufacturing this kind of product, and as such, these products can vary in quality.

Choosing a good quality SD card can also save you money – a high-quality product often lasts a lifetime and thus you won’t need to purchase a new one ever again. Picking one from Reputable brands also improves your position, your data freedom and increases your security with it.

Top 5 UHS-1 Best SD Card For Lenovo Tablet

CardRead SpeedWrite SpeedMemory CapacityCheck Price
SanDisk Extreme Plus UHS-I170 MB/s9032Gb to 1TB
SanDisk Extreme UHS-I160 MB/s90 MB/s32 to 1TB
Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I100 MB/s90 MB/s256Gb
PNY Pro Elite UHS-I95 MB/s90 MB/s64Gb to 512Gb
Kingston Canvas React UHS-I100 MB/s80 MB/s16Gb to 512Gb

The UHS-2 are faster speeds but more expensive. We recommend a minimum of 32GB and a maximum space between 64Gb and 128Gb for your Lenovo Tablet.

Top 5 UHS-2 SD Cards

CardRead SpeedWrite SpeedMemory CapacityCheck Price
Delkin Devices Power UHS-II300 MB/s250 MB/s32Gb to 512Gb
ADATA Premier One UHS-II290 MB/s270 MB/s64Gb to 256Gb
Delkin Devices Prime UHS-II300 MB/s100 MB/s64Gb to 128Gb
SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II275 MB/s100 MB/s128Gb
Lexar Professional 1800x UHS-II270 MB/s250 MB/s64Gb to 128Gb

For the sake of storing data & moving it around quickly, these are better than UHS-1 but still a bit expensive.

What’s UHS-1 and UHS-2?

UHS-I and UHS-II are two types of specifications for high speed data transfer rates.

The term “UHS” may refer to the card’s ability to support those speeds, or it may be used by maketers as a marketing tactic to indicate that their cards meet this specification.

In fact, many preloaded SD cards in cameras or tablets or other devices do not actually offer these higher performance levels: they’re simply marked with prominent “UHS” logos on the packaging but don’t mention what speeds they can achieve beyond Class 0 (Normal).

What does V30 stand for?

V stands for video recording capabilities while 30 represents minimum write speeds required. The faster an SD card is able to complete its tasks without interruption, the better the performance.

For example, a V60 card would be able to write data at least 60MB/s.

What’s SDXC?

SDXC is the current SD flash memory standard for tablets, digital cameras and camcorders that support capacities up to 512 GB and transfer rates of 300 MB/s or higher in both directions (i.e., read speed from an SD card equals its write speed).

Some people also refer to cards with these high speeds as “UHS” or “Ultra High Speed.” This terminology is not officially recognized by any industry standards committee such as JEDEC; it’s simply used by marketers as a marketing tactic to indicate their cards meet this specification.

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