Top 10 Best Micro SD Card For PS Vita

If you require a Micro SD card, we have compiled a list of the top ten Best Micro SD Card For PS Vita in this article. While looking for an SD card, there are a lot of different things to look out for, and we understand that it may be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the brands, models, what each one specializes in, and so on and so forth, but don’t worry, you’ll just need to choose one of the many cards we present to you in this article, and you can avoid the headache of learning all of this by yourself!

There are 3 things you need to look for when thinking about which one to purchase:

  • Size capacity
  • Write/Read Speed
  • Brand and Model Quality

Size Capacity Recommended

Size storage is essential for the PS Vita because it can contain the game save files. This is particularly important if you use the Retroid Pocket 2 a lot and have a lot of different games because the size will easily add up. However, in our view, you don’t necessarily need more than 16GB or 32GB.

Write / Read Speed

Slower SD Cards will take longer to save and load data, while faster SD Cards will be almost immediate. If you dislike waiting for the game to load or loading, consider purchasing a UHS-2 type, which is significantly more costly. Since the wait times aren’t particularly long, most people will get by with a UHS-1 card.

UHS-1 is less expensive and slower, while UHS-2 is more expensive but approximately three times quicker than UHS-1, so choose wisely as we can provide you with various choices for both.

Brand & Model Quality

In terms of brand and product, you clearly want reputable brands that specialize in SD Card manufacturing. We did all of the legwork for you, but all of the brands included in this article are well-known and trustworthy brands that, more often than not, offer a lifetime warranty.

Top 5 UHS-1 Best Micro SD Card For PS Vita

CardRead SpeedWrite SpeedMemory CapacityCheck Price
SanDisk Extreme Plus UHS-I170 MB/s9032Gb to 1TB
SanDisk Extreme UHS-I160 MB/s90 MB/s32 to 1TB
Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I100 MB/s90 MB/s256Gb
PNY Pro Elite UHS-I95 MB/s90 MB/s64Gb to 512Gb
Kingston Canvas React UHS-I100 MB/s80 MB/s16Gb to 512Gb

These are less expensive but much slower than UHS-2. Again, we recommend a minimum of 16GB and a maximum space of 32Gb for the PS Vita.

Top 5 UHS-2 Micro SD Cards

CardRead SpeedWrite SpeedMemory CapacityCheck Price
Delkin Devices Power UHS-II300 MB/s250 MB/s32Gb to 512Gb
ADATA Premier One UHS-II290 MB/s270 MB/s64Gb to 256Gb
Delkin Devices Prime UHS-II300 MB/s100 MB/s64Gb to 128Gb
SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II275 MB/s100 MB/s128Gb
Lexar Professional 1800x UHS-II270 MB/s250 MB/s64Gb to 128Gb

These are roughly three times faster than UHS-1 but still quite a bit more expensive, but well worth it if you have the money.

UHS-II cards can make use of a new bus interface. This is known as the UHIF standard, and enables these faster speeds to be more efficiently used by high-speed cameras or other devices. The SD group also updated their specifications for what defines an SD card with regards to maximum performance from Class I (minimum sustained write speed of at least 20 MB/s) up to Class VI (minimum sustained write speed of at least 45 MB/s).

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a Micro SD Card that is fast and reliable then the UHS-I card should be your best option. The UHS-I cards have serious improvements in speed, which means less waiting time when saving or viewing images on an external device like a laptop or tablet or saving/loading games from your PS Vita. They also offer more storage space than other models as well so it’s easy to store more games than on an expensive UHS-2 without a lot of space capacity.

MicroSD: Speed Classes Explained – What’s It All Mean?

The Speed Class rating is a measure of the minimum sustained write speed.

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