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Top 4 Best Micro SD Card For Roku 3

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    Updated on October 6, 2022
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    The Roku Channel Store helps you to load games and channels in the internal memory of the Roku 3. When you add more games and channels, a warning will display on the screen signaling that you need to extend the device’s memory. Installing the Best Micro SD Card for Roku 3 helps you to extend the internal memory of your device.

    When mounted on your Roku 3, it lets you add more games and channels. It will also help you to load your games and channels faster. This is because the Roku 3 can uninstall the games and channels you barely use to make room for the latest games and channels you are installing. The more drive space your device has, the more the system will cache.

    The micro SD card’s added storage capacity is not intended for holding personal media such as audio, images, and photographs. In reality, it will not be able to recognize media files.

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    Best Micro SD Cards For Roku 3

    • Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC
    • Kingston 4 GB microSDHC
    • Clouddisk 3Pack 2GB
    • Kingston 4GB microSDHC Class 4
    CardCheck Price
    Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter
    Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC
    Check best price amazon 300x120 1
    Kingston 4 GB microSDHCCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    3Pack 2GB Micro SD Card 2 GB MicroSDCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    Kingston 4GB microSDHC Class 4Check best price amazon 300x120 1

    Sandisk 4GB with SD Adapter is resistant to water and shock. Very high or low temperatures, as well as X-ray exposure, would have little effect on the use of this MicroSD card.

    It also works extremely well for Android devices. It has a transfer rate of up to 100MB/s, which ensures that approximately 1140 images can be transferred to this card in a flash. This card has a Class 10 rating for full HD video and an A1 rating for fast app results.

    This card can be accessed, viewed, and backed up using the SanDisk Memory Zone App (available in the Google Play store). This app also transfers data from your laptop to your SD card instantly.

    According to one person, this microSD card is extremely fast and can easily support 4K video.

    The Sandisk 4GB with SD Adapter has a ten-year warranty.

    The Kingston 4 GB is suitable for storing videos and images. It is compatible with your tablet, computer, and other digital devices. It has a speed class of four, which means it has a standard data transfer limit of four: four megabytes per second.

    This SD card has an adapter that allows it to be converted to a full-sized SDHC card for use in computers with larger SD card slots. This stylish card is water-resistant and can move through x-ray machines without causing any data loss. It is both vibration and shockproof, but that though the card falls, the files will not be compromised.

    A consumer reports that when viewing YouTube channels on his Roku 3, he was still asked to attach an SD card. He also claims to have used a class 10 SD card that was not accepted by his unit. He claims that the class 4 classification of this SD card performed well.

    These 5Pack 2GB Class4 cards ensure high speed and smooth performance. It has a Class 4 speed rating and performs admirably. Despite its low-class speed ranking, videos look fantastic.

    According to one person, this card is truly waterproof. The card ended up in the laundry machine by mistake, but when it was saved, all of the data on it was still intact.

    These 5Pack 2GB Class4 cards are inexpensive, but are also well-made and can retain all data even though the computer on which it is mounted is crushed.

    The Kingston 8 GB SDC4/8GBET will hold several hours of full high-resolution film, so you won’t run out of space for your images, videos, audios, movies, and other files on your Roku 3.

    It has a Class 10 ranking for absolute high-definition video capture and a short transmission speed of 80/MBs. It is capable of transferring up to 1200 images in less than a minute.

    According to one person, it fits well for his Nintendo Switch. He says he hasn’t seen any buffering or latency when watching movies.

    Since it is graded A1, the Kingston 8 GB SDC4/8GBET launches applications quicker. Or used in conjunction with the SanDisk Memory Zone App, files can be transferred from the computer to the card automatically.

    Installing a card on your Roku 3 Player

    The Roku 3 player’s card slot is placed on the back of the unit. To enter the MicroSD slot, you must first cut the HDMI cable.

    Placing the card

    To get the best results from your Roku 3’s extra internal memory, use a card with a minimum storage capacity of 2GB.

    • Place the microSD into the card slot. When it locks into place, you will hear a click sound.

    Formatting the card

    All data stored on the microSD will be erased once the card is formatted.

    • When the microSD is correctly installed, a dialogue box containing the words “micro SD card detected” will appear on the device.
    • To begin formatting, click “Continue.” The time it takes to format is determined by its capacity.
    • When the “formatting complete” dialogue emerges, press “OK.”

    Your microSD is now eligible for new games and channels to be added.

    Removing the microSD

    When you delete the microSD from your Roku 3, you will lose all of the games and channels that you have purchased and saved on the card.

    If you reinstall the microSD, you will have to import games and channels from the Roku Channel Store again. However, you will no longer be paid for installing any previously downloaded game or channel.

    Games and channels stored on a microSD used by one Roku player cannot be passed to another. When you insert the same microSD card into another Roku player, the card will be formatted for the new device.

    The cheapest option in our list is the Kingston 4 GB (See full specifications). It has a data transmission speed of Class 10 and a consistency ranking of A1. It operates well in high temperatures and will not inflict data loss bypassed through x-ray scanners.


    Roku 3 not recognizing/detecting my microSD card?

    Before your player can recognise the card, you will need to re-format it on a desktop. You may also try to reset your Roku player. Larger cards, such as 128GB, might not even be compatible, but for anything up to 32GB should always be fine.

    What size SD card does a Roku 3 take?

    It can take cards up to 32GB, however, we always suggest between 4GB to 8GB as anything more than that is likely going to be wasted since it won’t fill up at all.

    How important is the speed on memory cards?

    The speed affects things such as loading screens, file transfers, as such, a better card with higher speeds will perform both of these things much faster.