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Best SD Card For Blackvue DR900x

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    Updated on October 6, 2022
    John Chad, Bachelor Computer Science Degree & Computer Engineering.
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    John Chad, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Computer Engineering.
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    BlackVue has been one of the leaders in producing high-quality cameras that can record HD video, so much so they’ve recently launched two new models – the DVR990s (DR988) and the DVR991x (DR999). Both have 16GB built-in storage and most of the time that’s not enough space, as such, how do you pick a fitting SD Card for them?

    What is an SD Card?

    In case you’re not familiar with what an SD card actually does, let me explain… An SD card uses flash memory technology similar to how your digital camera stores pictures when connected to your computer. The larger size means more data can be stored, making them ideal for storing media such as videos or music files. They also need no power source other than being plugged into a device via USB, meaning they can easily be used anywhere without needing to worry about batteries.

    They come in different sizes too, from 2 GB all the way up to 32 GB, though 8 GB remains popular due to its affordable price point compared to bigger options. This makes them great devices to transfer large amounts of data quickly over Wi-Fi networks.
    As well as recording video footage, SD cards are perfect for taking photos using your phone or DSLR since many users find their phones don’t have enough space to store images taken by themselves. You can even connect your smartwatch or fitness tracker to them as well!

    The downside is that SD cards do require additional software to read content, unlike hard drives where everything just “works” straight away. However, most modern smartphones now include support for various types of removable media including SD Cards, so once again they make excellent portable backup solutions.
    So, back to our question – What SD card works with BlackVue? It depends on whether you want to stick to the standard 4/6 pin connectors or opt for the newer 10/20 pin versions. If you plan on upgrading soon, then you’ll probably go for the latter version, otherwise stick to the older variety.

    What SD card works with BlackVue?

    If you purchase a new BlackVue DVR988 or DVR991X camera, both models ship with preinstalled SD card slots. These accept either the 6 or 20 pins varieties of cards, depending on your choice. As mentioned earlier, the newer version accepts faster transfers because they feature special chips inside. When buying, check the specs online before purchasing as compatibility varies across brands.
    It might seem strange that you would need an extra slot on your dashboard after already having four USB ports, however, with the addition of a battery pack (see below), you end up going through them pretty fast! Also, remember if you get a car upgrade in future, you may need to remove your existing USB cable connections first. Luckily, BlackVue has made this easier thanks to quick connector strips.

    You might wonder why BlackVue hasn’t simply included a full sized SD card slot instead of smaller ones like those found on typical mobile phones. There are several factors involved here. Firstly, BlackVue wants to encourage customers to save money on additional accessories, especially considering the cost of shipping and handling fees. Secondly, the company believes consumers shouldn’t have to pay for something twice. Thirdly, it wouldn’t fit properly under the windshield wiper mount. Finally, it could potentially cause damage during transit due to excessive vibration.
    However, if you decide to add on a second SD card, you won’t need to worry about damaging anything inside the vehicle as long as you keep it safely tucked away.

    Can I use any SD card in my BlackVue?

    Yes, you can use whichever SD card suits your needs best. Just ensure that it fits the correct specification requirements set by BlackVue. For example, if you bought an old laptop you may have lying around, you can insert an SD card directly into the drive bay and start transferring information. Alternatively, you can pop a compatible card into a spare USB port on your PC and copy data onto it.
    Note: Be aware that SDHC cards cannot be inserted directly into the camera, only MicroSD cards are supported. So, if you were hoping to install a 64 GB option, you needn’t bother trying to squeeze another card in there.

    What is the difference between BlackVue DR900S and DR900X?

    There isn’t really very much difference between the BlackView DR900S and DR900X aside from screen resolution and features. In terms of picture quality, the higher-spec model captures 3200 x 1800 pixels whereas the lower produces 1920 x 1080p. Although 1080p offers better clarity, 3200 x 1800 provides sharper detail.
    Both offer GPS tracking, motion detection and night vision, while the former adds automatic time stamping, geotagging, instant photo upload, email alerts and live streaming capabilities.
    A big advantage to choosing the newer model is that it comes bundled free with a weatherproof housing unit called the Dash Guard Pro. This protects against water damage caused by rain or splashes, plus it improves reliability when driving in extreme temperatures.
    With a waterproof rating of IP67, it’s safe to leave yours in the boot or garage overnight. Other benefits of this include improved audio levels and better reception.
    Remember, always follow local laws regarding usage of your gadgets whilst behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.