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Top 10 Best SD Card For Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

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    Updated on October 6, 2022
    John Chad, Bachelor Computer Science Degree & Computer Engineering.
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    John Chad, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Computer Engineering.
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    If you need an SD card, don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Best SD Card For Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E in this post. Since there are so many different options, versions, and UHS Types, it can be difficult to choose an SD Card. That is why we wanted to create this collection, because you don’t have to go through all that effort and can simply choose one of the many options we provide!

    There is no single SD card that will work with every device. We recommend using one from a reputable brand to ensure quality and compatibility, but you should also research the specific requirements for your tablet before buying anything – this can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website or in their documentation.

    When deciding which one to buy, there are three things to consider:

    • Size capacity
    • Write/Read Speed
    • Brand and Model Quality

    Size Capacity Recommended

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E, like most Tablets, recommends 64Gb to 128Gb size due to compatibility, however, we and many others have tested up to 256Gb of size capacity and it worked perfectly fine with the added benefit of being able to hold far more games, pictures & videos without having to upgrade your SD Card ever again, so if you can afford a 256Gb card then we suggest that you do, after all, it’s a lifetime purchase.

    Write / Read Speed

    The write and read speed simply means how quickly your SD Card processes, read files, accesses files, transfers data from your SD Card to a laptop/desktop device, and so on.

    In hindsight, this may not seem like a very important feature but it is. It can significantly reduce wait times during file transfers, it will make accessing games and other files significantly faster too.

    The best SD cards on the market right now are UHS-2, which are about three times quicker than older UHS-1 cards. The UHS-2, on the other hand, is significantly more costly, while the UHS-1 is significantly less expensive. If you can afford a UHS-2, you can do it because it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment and you will never need to buy another one.

    Brand & Model Quality

    Brand and model are significant because some companies have a lifetime warranty, while others do not, and some brands provide stronger quality service and design in their product while others aren’t quite as strong. Brand and model, like on all other products, do matter.

    Many of the brands in our article have been reviewed and are well-known in the market, so you don’t have to worry about that. There are a variety of models available; some are better than others, some take up less room while storing videos, some can record for longer periods of time, and so on. There are several models available, and all of the ones included in this article are our personal recommendations based on what we’ve reviewed.

    Top 5 UHS-1 Best SD Card For Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

    CardRead SpeedWrite SpeedMemory CapacityCheck Price
    SanDisk Extreme Plus UHS-I170 MB/s9032Gb to 1TBCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    SanDisk Extreme UHS-I160 MB/s90 MB/s32 to 1TBCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I100 MB/s90 MB/s256GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    PNY Pro Elite UHS-I95 MB/s90 MB/s64Gb to 512GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    Kingston Canvas React UHS-I100 MB/s80 MB/s16Gb to 512GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1

    These are less expensive but much slower than UHS-2. Again, we recommend a minimum of 64GB and a maximum space of between 128GB and 256GB for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E.

    Top 5 UHS-2 SD Cards

    CardRead SpeedWrite SpeedMemory CapacityCheck Price
    Delkin Devices Power UHS-II300 MB/s250 MB/s32Gb to 512GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    ADATA Premier One UHS-II290 MB/s270 MB/s64Gb to 256GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    Delkin Devices Prime UHS-II300 MB/s100 MB/s64Gb to 128GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II275 MB/s100 MB/s128GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1
    Lexar Professional 1800x UHS-II270 MB/s250 MB/s64Gb to 128GbCheck best price amazon 300x120 1

    These are roughly three times faster than UHS-1 but still quite a bit more expensive, but well worth it if you have the money.

    It might be worth considering that UHS-II cards are not compatible with older devices, and this could mean a loss of compatibility or slower speeds for the device. So it’s best to make sure you’re purchasing an SD card that is compatible with your particular tablet.

    What Does Class Rating Mean & What Does It Measure?

    The Speed Class rating measures the minimum sustained write speed in megabytes per second (MB/s) at any given random read queue depth. The larger the number, the faster the microSD will perform under heavy sequential writes.

    Class Rating Meaning: This class rating designates how fast data can transfer from memory card to computer when capturing pictures and video on your DSLR or camcorder; higher numbers indicate