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Best SD Card For Tascam Model 12

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    Updated on October 6, 2022
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    The SDHC memory cards are great options to expand your digital camera or camcorder. They’re compact in size but offer high storage capacity at affordable prices. The latest technology allows you to take full advantage of these memory upgrades by using them as recording devices.
    If you have an older digital video recorder (DVR) like the Tascam Model 12, it may not be compatible with newer microSD/microMMC cards. Fortunately, there are several SD cards that fit right into any Tascam Model 12 slot so you can record on those cameras without having to buy new ones. This guide provides information about which type of SD card works well with your Tascam DVR.

    TASCAM Model 12 SD Card Compatibility

    Before making a purchase decision, make sure your Tascam Model 12 supports external memory. You’ll find out if yours does below.
    Is your Tascam Model 12 capable of supporting SDXC Memory Cards up to 2TB? Yes! If it doesn’t say “yes”, then don’t bother buying one because they won’t work with your device.
    Are there different types of SD cards available in various sizes? Yes, there are multiple versions of MicroSD/Micro MMC cards. There are also mini-cards called the Type A or MiniCard. Some manufacturers use both names interchangeably. To avoid confusion, look for specific card dimensions such as microSD or microMMC when shopping online.

    How do I know whether my Tascam Model 12 accepts SDXC Memory Cards?

    Look inside the back panel of your unit. It should show two rectangular ports where you can place either a standard SD or microSD cards.
    You might think that all SD Cards are created equal. However, not all brands of SD cards are suitable for every brand of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Only some models support certain kinds of SD cards. So before purchasing a particular card, check its compatibility list first. We’ve compiled a table showing how many SD cards from each manufacturer work with Tascams.
    There are three main things to consider when choosing SD cards for your Tascam Model 12: card size, features, and performance. Let’s explore these factors further.

    Best TASCAM Model 12 SD Cards Features and Specifications

    Features are important aspects of any product. When looking for an SD card, you need to examine their individual capabilities. Here are just some examples of useful features for Tascam Model 12 users.
    Performance: Does the SD card include built-in error correction? How fast is it? Check the specifications in detail. Also, see if the card has built-in wear leveling. Wear leveling makes data more accessible across partitions, thus prolonging the life span of your media.
    Storage Capacity: Are you planning to shoot 4K videos? Then get a higher capacity SD card than usual. Another option would be to choose a smaller card since they hold less footage.
    Flash Speed: Higher speed means faster transfer rates between the card and computer. Most people prefer 10MB per second (Mbps) while others want 20 Mbps. Flash speeds range anywhere between 3.0 MBps to 11.25 Mbps depending upon the amount of data being transferred.
    Video Recording Format Support: All modern Tascam Models 12 support H.264 codec. But only some models accept HEVC files. Make sure your chosen SD card format matches your needs.
    Audio Bitrate Control: Many SD cards allow you to adjust audio bitrates manually. With this feature, you can reduce noise levels during editing.
    Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity lets you connect your SD card directly to your network router via Ethernet cable. Alternatively, it enables wireless file transfers through a mobile app.
    Built-In Apps: Not all SD cards come preloaded with apps. Therefore, you must download popular programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. Plus, most SD cards ship with Android or iOS software.
    Compatible Brands: Choose from SanDisk, Transcend, Toshiba, Sandisk, Lexar, etc. These companies provide reliable products with good customer service.

    What is Best SD Card For Your Tascam?

    As mentioned earlier, finding the best SD card for your Tascam Model 12 isn’t easy. Since almost all Tascam owners use their units primarily with one kind of SD card, the selection process becomes overwhelming. In addition, the number of SD card reviews on Amazon is enormous. Thus, we decided to narrow down our choices based on user feedback.
    Here are some recommendations for SD cards used by Tascam owners who own similar models.
    SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB Class10 UHS-3 Dual Interface Memory Stick PRO Duo – SDCZ48-100N6A2R8GNDB ($99.95): With this card, you can capture HD videos at 60 fps. The 64 GB internal flash drive offers a whopping 15x space efficiency. That’s why it’s perfect for storing tons of RAW photos and clips. Moreover, the dual interface design improves reliability due to fewer moving parts. Furthermore, the rugged construction withstands drops, bumps, water splash, dust, heat, cold temperatures, etc.
    Sandisk Extreme PLUS 64GB Class10 UHS-3 Multimedia USB 3.1 Gen 1 External Hard Drive ($119.95): Similar to the above card, the Sandisk Extreme Plus comes equipped with a large 64GB flash drive. Its shockproof enclosure protects against falls, vibrations, humidity, temperature extremes, etc. Additionally, the USB port doubles as power source. Hence, you can charge other gadgets simultaneously.
    Transcend High Performance CompactFlash XC SD Adapter w/ Built-in Battery & Case for Apple iPhones 7 Plus / 6S ($29.98): As far as price goes, this is the cheapest recommendation here. Nevertheless, it delivers excellent value for money. Besides offering ample storage, the adapter includes a battery backup system. On top of that, you get a case to keep your iPhone safe.
    Lexar Platinum 830 x 30GB Class 10 UHS-3 Portable SSD ($149.00): This is another budget pick. Yet again, the storage capacity is huge. Overall, the LexaPro Series Portable drives deliver impressive read and write speeds. What’s more, the included Touch ID lock prevents unauthorized access. Lastly, the durable casing keeps the drive protected against dirt particles, moisture, shocks, bumps, scratches, etc.
    SanDisk Ultra Plus 128GB Class10 UHS-3 Flash Storage Device ($249.99): This monster of a card packs a punch. Featuring a blazing-fast read rate of 28.7 MB/sec, it’s ideal for professional editors and content creators. At the same time, it’s pretty portable thanks to its slim form factor. And yes, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the SD card uses Military Grade Multi Level Protection (MLP) technology.
    SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB Class10 UHS-3 Dual Interface Memory Stick PRO Duo – SDCJW256G5ASF4HFF($299.95): Compared to regular models, this gigantic version takes the cake. Thanks to its massive 512 GB capacity, the card stores nearly 500 hours worth of 4K HDR footage. Moreover, the rugged exterior safeguards against harsh conditions. Lastly, the dual interface design ensures better durability.
    This concludes our discussion on what’s the best SD card for Tascam Model 12. Now go ahead and grab yourself one that meets your requirements.

    Does the Tascam Model 12 come with a SD card?

    Most likely no. Instead, it ships with a tiny screwdriver. Unfortunately, Tascam did not bundle any extra SD card with the device. However, you can easily replace the default card. Here are the steps involved.
    Step #1: Remove Screws From Back Panel
    First, remove four screws holding the circuit board. Once done, pull out the circuit board carefully. Next, detach the ribbon cables attached to it. Afterward, remove six small screws located under the LCD screen. Finally, lift off the bottom plate.
    Note: Be careful while handling the electrical components. Keep away from static electricity. Don’t touch the pins unless necessary.
    Step #2: Replace Default SD Card With New One
    Once everything is removed, you’ll notice a white sticker that says “NO USER SERVICEABLE PART IN THIS UNIT”. Ignore it and continue onward. Inside the compartment, you’ll discover a black plastic box that contains a single piece of gray square shaped card. Take note of the labels on the sides.
    Next, insert your preferred SD card adapter into the vacant slot. Use the provided tool to push down firmly until the contacts align properly. Eventually, reconnect the ribbon connectors to the rear side of the Tascam Model 12.
    When connecting the card, pay attention to the following points:
    Make sure the red (+ve) terminal faces upwards.
    Ensure that the silver (-ve) pin is connected to ground.
    Check the LED lights on the front panel. Green light indicates normal operation. Red signifies incorrect connection. Blue shows low voltage. Orange suggests bad contact.