[ANSWERED] Best PSU For RTX 2060 Super? Detailed Guide

It is good to know what the RTX 2060 super is before we start talking about a PSU for it. The RTX 2060 Super is an NVIDIA GeForce video card that has been out on the market since January 2019. It does not come with a power supply, so you will need one if you plan to purchase this graphics card and use it in your desktop computer. In this article, we will be discussing the experience with choosing and installing a PSU for the RTX 2060 Super.

Why is a PSU Important?

Power Supply Units (PSUs) are important for powering a computer’s internal components. They convert alternating current from your home’s electrical grid to the direct current needed by the computer, which is necessary for it to run. PSUs take power from either an outlet or battery and converts it into usable DC electricity that powers all of the parts in your system including: CPU, Memory, Motherboard and Graphics Card. The PSU also provides protection against surges and spikes that can damage hardware when they happen without warning.

A well-made Power supply should be small enough so as not to restrict air intake on most cases; have at least one 24-pin ATX connector (which plugs into motherboards); provide several different power connectors for connecting to different types of hardware; and have a minimum efficiency rating of 80%.

It’s important to know how much power your GPU needs otherwise your Power supply will simply shut down the computer because it can’t output enough energy to sustain having it on.

What’s The Best PSU For RTX 2060 Super?

In order for a GPU like this one to run at full capacity, it needs a PSU with more than 550 Watts minimum. We recommend at least a 700Watts PSU because at the end of the day, you probably also have a powerful CPU if you’re getting the 2060 graphics card and as such it will also consume quite a bit of power.

Is 450W enough for this Graphics Card?


If you’re looking for a power supply to go with your GPU, then 450W will not be enough.

For SLI GPU we even recommend at least a 900-1000 Watts Power supply unit.

Is 550W enough?

Yes, just barely. However, if you have a powerful CPU too, then you should plan on buying a 700W+ power supply. If the CPU is on the weaker end then 550 w with 80%+ efficiency should be just fine.

Are PSU Brands important?

The power supply unit is a crucial part of any computer, as it provides the electricity to run the components inside. The importance of this cannot be overstated because when bought incorrectly, there are serious consequences that can affect your machine’s performance and lifespan in different ways.

To prevent these problems from occurring, you need to know which brands produce quality PSU units for use in computers so you don’t have to make guesses about what will work best. One such company is EVGA – ranked #85 on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Companies 2017 and recognized by PC Magazine as one of 2016’s most respected hardware companies – has been designing innovative gaming PCs since 1999.

Another good option is Corsair, they do not make their own Power supplies, they outsource them but they guarantee that their quality is top-notch and with such a high reputation brand there’s no way you’ll go wrong with a Corsair power supply.

Last but not least, our favorite brand on this list, Seasonic! Seasonic are most likely the best PSU Brand manufacturer, they produce their own power supplies as well as other brands outsource theirs to them due to their spectacular job.

In the end though buying one with 80% efficiency minimum is the key to having a long lasting high quality power supply.

Why are 80% Efficiency PSU Important? (Gold Plus)

The main reason to look for a Power supply that is 80% efficient or higher, at the very least, is to save money. If you are using less power than what your PSUs maximum capacity can provide then you won’t have any wasted energy and this saves both on operating costs and electricity bills(Not really, but you are effectively wasting money by buying a 700w power supply that can’t even support nearly as much as a 550W one with guaranteed 80% efficiency. A non 80% efficiency power supply performance is greatly reduced and may lead to problems.

There are more reasons why an efficiency of over 80% will benefit computer users as well.

-You get more wattage for every dollar spent.

-The power supply will last longer because it is guaranteed from a good reputable brand.

-Less likely to run into hardware problems or power failures.

-Voltages can be more accurately maintained at a desired level even under load.

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