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Best PSU For RTX 2070 Super – 3 Perfect Options!

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Are you looking for the right PSU for your RTX 2070 Super? Well, this article will hopefully help you find the perfect PSU! In order to find a PSU that will work with your graphics card, it is important to know what wattage and connector type you need. This article will go over both of these things and we’ll even provide links where you can purchase one online.

Best PSU For RTX 2070 Super

Are you looking for a power supply that is both efficient and quiet? Take a look at the Corsair RM550x. The Corsair RM550x is not your average power supply.

It’s a Gold-certified, ultra-quiet workhorse that delivers clean, stable power to your PC. The secret is its advanced fan control, which keeps the noise down even when you’re pushing your system to the limit.

Zero RPM Fan Mode ensures near-silent operation at low to medium loads, and 100% Japanese capacitors provide unwavering power and reliability.

Fully modular cables make installation a breeze, so you only connect the cables your system needs.

Looking for a high-quality, reliable power supply? Look no further than the EVGA SuperNOVA 550.

This 80 plus Gold certified unit is 90% efficient or higher under typical loads, and features fully modular cables to reduce clutter and improve airflow. 100% Japanese capacitors provide superior performance and stability, while a double ball-bearing fan keeps things cool and quiet.

Plus, with eco mode enabled, you can expect exceptional energy savings.

We’re just recommending this PSU if you also possess a highly powerful CPU from the most recent generations, such as an I5 11600K, an I7 11700K, an I5 12600K, an I7 12700K, and so on. Because these CPUs demand a lot of power, a highly powerful PSU is necessary, especially since the RTX 2060 is also fairly powerful.

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The Corsair RM650x is a high-quality power supply that’s been designed for near-silent operation and optimal performance.

It features 80 PLUS Gold certification for lower power consumption and cooler temperatures, as well as compatibility with the latest ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards.

The PSU also boasts Zero RPM fan mode for near-silent operation at low to medium loads, and 100% industrial-grade, 105°C rated Japanese capacitors for unwavering power and reliability.

Fully modular cables make installation a breeze, while the 140mm fan ensures efficient cooling even under demanding conditions.

Why is a PSU Important?

A Power Supply Unit is important because it provides power to your graphics card and other components in your computer. If you don’t have a strong enough PSU, then it can cause instability in your system or even damage to your components. That’s why it’s important to choose the right Power Supply Unit for your needs!

If you purchase one that doesn’t provide enough Wattage power, then you can cause your system to crash, which could lead to other issues, but most importantly, it will be a waste of money since your system won’t be able to run with it and you’ll have to waste money buying a new & better one.

So make sure that you do research before making a purchase! It’s important for both the safe operation of your computer as well as prolonging its life by providing an adequate power supply.

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What Wattage Do I Need?

We suggest a minimum of 500W with 80+ Gold Certification for your GPU.

If you want to make sure that the PSU you choose is enough, then take a look at your graphics card’s power requirements (usually found on its product page) and compare it with what other PSU wattage users are saying online about their experience, however, we cut your work short by suggesting the bare minimum of 500W. Of course, we recommend getting something more powerful than this minimum requirement since 500W can be limiting in certain situations depending on how many components you have hooked up. This will also save money from having to upgrade over time if needed!

What’s 80+ Gold Certification?

80 Plus Gold certification ensures that the PSU is at least 87%-90% efficient under a 20-100% load. That’s important because that means that your system doesn’t waste power and it’s not losing any of the electricity you’re paying for! So just know, if a PSU is 80 Plus Gold certified, then it can provide more than enough wattage to run your RTX 2070 Super.

So make sure that when purchasing a Power Supply Unit, opt for one with at least 80+ Gold Certification like we suggested above (if possible). It’ll be worth getting an efficient PSU over saving money now by buying something cheaper that won’t work as well in the long term. You’ll end up spending more money if you have to replace it.

Are PSU Brands important?

Brand names can be important when purchasing a PSU. Some brands have been known to produce products with defective parts, which could lead to dangerous issues within your computer or even damage from overloading the unit too much. This is why it’s extremely important that you research what brand will work for your RTX 2070 Super and make sure it comes from a well-known manufacturer! In order to save yourself money in the long run by not wasting time & money on expensive repairs or replacements, we recommend going with an established company like Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA. These are all companies that produce quality Power Supply Units at affordable prices without sacrificing any features whatsoever! They’re great if you want something reliable while also getting a good deal.

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Hopefully, this article helped you find the right Power Supply Unit for your GPU so that your RTX graphics card will work and operate as expected without any issues! If we missed anything or there’s something else you’d like us to cover, feel free to contact us and let us know! We’ll be sure to respond back as soon as possible:) Thanks for reading!

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