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Top 4 Best Z390 Motherboard For I5 9600K

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There’s a large variety of Z390 motherboards on the market, all kinds of brands, models with all kinds of different hardware & features, having a hard time picking a motherboard for your I5 9600K is no surprise. By the time you are done reading this article, you’ll be fine with a good idea of what are the top 4 best Z390 motherboard For I5 9600K.

The Z390 was released specifically for the 8th & 9th gen CPU so it works with the I5 9600K & it allows you to overclock your CPU with safety in a stable environment, overclocking & improving your CPU core clock has never been this easy.

However, you can’t simply pick the cheapest Z390 and be done with it, they are often manufactured with low-quality materials & hardware and while you may save a few bucks now, you might end up with a faulty motherboard within a year or two or maybe even a faulty PSU/GPU/CPU as it happens so often. Do not worry though, we will tell you a couple of cheap Z390 that we can testify for their high-quality hardware & performance.

Top 4 Best Z390 Motherboard For I5 9600K

MotherboardOur OpinionCheck Price
Asus Prime Z390-AThe cheapest motherboard on the list & still gets the job done properly.Check best price amazon 300x120 1
Asus Z390-A PROA slightly better version of the Z390-A Prime, still cheap.Check best price amazon 300x120 1
MSI MPG Z390 Gaming EdgeNo doubt the best motherboard in the market of the Z390 Chipset.Check best price amazon 300x120 1
GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO Wi-FIAs good as the MSI Gaming Edge, also comes with built-in WiFI adapter.Check best price amazon 300x120 1

Essentially the way you should pick your motherboard is:

If you are on a tight budget go with either the “Asus Prime Z390-A” or the “Asus Z390-A PRO”, we recommend the PRO since it’s slightly better and still relatively cheap.

If you are simply looking for the absolute best we would suggest the “MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge”. The “GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO Wi-FI” is still VERY GOOD, and if you need a WIFi adapter then you should go with this one instead.

The Asus Prime Z390-A is the ultimate board for all your gaming needs.

Redesigned with 5X Security III making it secure from malicious software and hardware failures. Dynamic airflow cooling can be created by having the advanced fan expertise of Fan Expert 4 to deliver chilly-cooling when in need. Refreshments served cool on those long evenings of working by using one of five available RGB LEDs underneath the power supply cover located right next to plugs.

An innovative patent-pending Safe Slot Core system leaves space around heavy GPUs that provide a stable, extra durable foundation for installation (patent no US D833003). The 8 channel HD audio will make the game sounds much more realistic.

The ASUS Z390-A PRO is a desktop motherboard with the latest Intel technology. It supports 9th Generation Intel Core / Pentium Gold / Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket, and 8th Generation Intel Core CPUs. Dual-channel DDR4 memory at speeds of up to 4400(OC) MHz allows you to operate more efficiently.

Turbo M.2: PCI-E gen3 x4 interfACe improves NVME SSD performance so that data can be accessed faster than ever before!

The ASUS Z390-A PRO also features dual onboard LANs as well as Wi-Fi 6 (11ax), which provides improved speed over previous generations – perfect for high-definition video!

The MSI MPG gaming edge is the perfect choice for those who want to get into building a high-performance gaming pc. With an extended heatsink, and atx form factor, it has everything you’ll need to cement your footing in the professional world of gamers. You can choose what RGB or Rainbow LEDs connect to this motherboard as well with easy plugging. The Mystic light feature allows for 16 million colors and all sorts of effects (rainbow included).
With these features, it’s safe to say that you’ve found something special on our shelves today – go ahead and take the plunge!

Experience power, efficiency, and style with GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO Wi-FI. Packed with every performance-enhancing resource you need to push your system to the limit, our flagship motherboard supports 8th Gen Intel Core processors with an LGA 1151 socket that features a Dual Channel DDR4 Non-ECC Memory Interface providing speeds of up to 2666MHz and 4 Dimm slots for even more customization options. It also supports Intel Optane Technology on memory modules as well as 12+1 phase hybrid digital power design features DrMOS that is optimized by dual LED Ring Fans and Thick Heatsink Design cooling Fins offer improved airflow, heat dissipation and overclocking.

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