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Top 4 Best Z490 Motherboard For 10850k

best z490 motherboard

This guide will show you four decent motherboards that are compatible with your CPU and match all budgets to help you decide which is the best Z490 motherboard for 10850K.

When you’re looking to get a new motherboard these are the questions you should ask:

  • Which brands are good
  • Which motherboards are compatible with my CPU
  • Which models to pick and why
  • When and why you should pick a cheaper or a more expensive motherboard

Which brands do you suggest?

Although there are a lot of different brands and to a certain extent all of them get the job done, there are a few that we personally love far more due to their overall performance, quality, warranty, and consistency over the years, these brands are:

  • MSI
  • ASUS

There are some more brands such as ASRock and EVGA which are also good but not quite as good as the other 3 and we find EVGA to be a better GPU manufacturer instead of a motherboard manufacturer.

Should I pick a cheap motherboard or go for a more expensive one?

First, before deciding on which motherboard to choose, you need to think about a few things such as:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Does your CPU allow overclocking?

First and foremost, before even considering your budget, you should know if your CPU allows overclocking or not. In this case, you probably have the 10850k which means it does allow overclocking since it’s an unlocked Intel CPU.

Since it allows overclocking you want to get a motherboard that will allow you to overclock it, this means a Z490 motherboard. If you had any other CPU that didn’t allow overclocking then you should go with a B460 instead.

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Next, you should consider your budget, if your budget allows you to get the very best motherboards, YOU SHOULD. They provide you with long-term satisfaction since they’re extremely unlikely to go faulty, they are far more stable when overclocking and allow far more extreme overclocks, their materials & built-in components are better along with more features in general. If your budget does not allow you to get the very best then you can go with a budget Z490, although they are obviously not quite as good they’ll still get the job done.

You should, however, never go for a B460 if you got a CPU that allows overclocking, it’s just a waste of money, in that case, you should just go with a cheaper CPU.

Now it’s time to show you the 4 motherboards that we found to be the best fit for the I9 10850k after testing a dozen of different motherboards.

Top 4 Best Z490 Motherboard For 10850K

MotherboardOur OpinionCheck Price
ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490No doubt the best z490 motherboard, however, also quite expensive.Check best price amazon 300x120 1
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge The motherboard we suggest you to get if the budget allows it.Check best price amazon 300x120 1
MSI Z490-A PROCheapest Z490 that we would recommend, do not go any cheaper than this.Check best price amazon 300x120 1
MSI MPG Z490 Gaming PlusDowngrade version of the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge, slightly better than the Z490-A PROCheck best price amazon 300x120 1

Our list gives you 4 different options that will work for all kinds of people regardless of your budget.

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The ASUS Maximus XII Z490 is an unmatched extreme power solution with Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 2.0 overclocking and three types of VRM, reducing motherboard installation time significantly for expert-level system tuning.

This motherboard supports dual Rapid Storage Technology with Marvell 10GbE as well as triple M.2 slots on board, giving you data speeds up to 32Gbps so you always have an abundance of storage at your fingertips when in need.

You can use the LED light feature for customization or sync it to other Aura Sync compatible products if needed; this makes the ASUS Maximus XII Z490 perfect for any gaming PC build that wants some extra flair!

The Asus Z490-A PRO delivers extraordinary performance and is perfect for gamers who want to experience the newest on-screen graphics.

The board has support for Intel Core / Pentium Gold / Celeron processors from the 10th generation, with up to 128GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory (4800MHz).

M.2 Dual Turbo Shield technology provides ultra-fast SSDs with transmission rates of up to 32 GB/s, while Core Boost technology incorporates streamlined power circuit configurations, dual CPU power connectors, and digital power design which provide precise and consistent current to your processor.

When you need blazing fast network connectivity, this board features a 2×2 2.5G LAN as well as Gigabit LAN with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

With a plethora of new features and technologies, the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge is all you need to take your gaming to new heights. It supports Intel Core / Pentium Gold / Celeron processors from the 10th generation for the LGA 1200 socket.

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The ASmedia 3241 USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 controller powers the Lightning USB 20G, which offers never-before-seen USB speeds of up to 20Gb/s from the Rear USB Type-C port Dual Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr provides ultra-fast SSDs with transmission rates of up to 32 GB/s., Onboard 2.5G LAN as well as Gigabit LAN with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

The Gaming Plus product is a dual-channel DDR4 enabled LGA 1200 socket supporting motherboard designed to provide Intel Core processors with the 10th generation.

The ASmedia 3241 USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 controller powers the Lightning USB 20G, which provides speeds up to 20Gb/s from the Rear USB Type-C port. Frozr provides ultra-fast solid-state drives for transmission rates of up to 32 GB/s while onboard LAN and Wi-Fi 6 ensures you have fast connectivity even at long distances.

I/O Shielding is preinstalled for simplicity and safety from electrostatic discharge. The Gaming Plus supports memory capacities between 16GB – 128GB thus ensuring constant multitasking isn’t an issue.

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