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Can You Use Pcie Cable For Cpu? (Real Research)

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    Updated on January 15, 2023
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    Can you use PCIe power for a CPU? Any PCIe connector could produce up to 75W at 12V, according to the manufacturer. If the CPU is on a PCIe card and consumes less than 75W, it could be powered (which is why GPUs and USB-C cards have PCIe power connectors). However, the CPU on the motherboard can’t be used with PCIe!

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    Related Questions

    1Is PCIe cable same as CPU cable?

    No! They have different pin-outs.

    2Can I use GPU cable for CPU?

    No, that is not possible. GPU power connectors have different hole shapes. Other than a GPU power connector, no connector can be directly connected to the GPU other than a GPU power connector. Here’s an example of an 8-pin GPU connector relative to the CPU 8-pin connector.

    3Are CPU and GPU cables the same?

    They are completely different. The EPS connector is supposed to connect to a motherboard cpu socket, while the PCI express connector is supposed to provide power to a GPU.

    4Can I use PCIe cable for GPU?

    Can a 6+2 PCI-E cable put inside an 8-pin PCI-E slot in GPU? Yes, that’s what they’re made for. You see – 6 + 2 = -There are of course 8-pin PCIE cables, but why buy them if you already have a 6+2 cable.

    5What is PCIe for CPU?

    PCIe (PCIe or PCI-E) is a serial expansion bus that connects a computer to one or two peripheral devices. PCIe has lower latency and higher data transfer rates than parallel busses such as PCI and PCI-X.

    6What cable for CPU power?

    P4 (EPS Connector) – Today it’s the P4, or EPS connector, that gives the CPU enough power. Cheap motherboards are also available with a 4-pins connector. Eight-pin connectors are included in more expensive “overclocking” motherboards. When overclocking, the extra 4 pins ensure that enough power will be delivered to the CPU.

    There are absolutely no need for the extra pins for regular use.

    The bulk of PSU cables are wired; one with 4-pins and the other with 8-pins.

    7Can I use 6 2 pin for 8 pin CPU?

    In either a 6-pin or 8-pin PCIe power connector, a 6+2 pin cable can be used. Since the cable will only go in one direction, you should make sure you’re inserting it in the correct way.

    8What happens if you plug CPU cable into GPU?

    If you plug the CPU into a GPU or vice versa, you will have a short circuit and your PSU will not start (poor PSU will die). Because pin sleeves are different (round and rectangular), you can’t even plug connectors because they are not even plugging connectors.

    9What does 6 2 PCIe 4 4 CPU mean?

    So in short: 4+4 pin EPS: 2 connectors, 2 cables. 6+2 pin PCIE: 4 connectors, 2 cables. There is room for three cables. On the PSU side, the component or PSU side of a cable does not have to match, which is why you can plug in either EPS or PCIE.

    10Why does PCIe cable have 2 ends?

    It’s because PCIe is limited. It does get electricity from the motherboard connector, but only up to a point.

    11Is 8 pin CPU the same as 8 pin GPU?

    Not exactly. The 8-pin GPU has 3x12v, 3x ground, and two “sense”/ground. In comparison, a 6-pin GPU has 3x 12v, 2x ground, and 1x sense/ground. A CPU 8-pin has 4x 12v, and 4x ground.

    Both have 12v on “opposite” pins and are keyed differently, so confusing the two should be fairly straightforward…but if you look at the plug itself and see where the clip is located, you should know which is which. One has 12v lines near the clip, while the other does not.

    12What is a CPU cable?

    CPU Cable. The CPU cable is to power the processor. Depending on the motherboard, the cable can either have 4 pin, 8 pin, or sometimes a mix of 4- and 8 pin connectors. Please refer to your motherboard’s User Manual for more information.

    13How many watts can 1 PCIe cable handle?

    The PCI Express slot of the motherboard can power up to 75 watts to the graphics card.

    14Can I use any PCIe cable with any PSU?

    I know the general rule is to never mix and match different brands of psu cables unless you want to have a very expensive paperweight or even with cables from the same manufacturer but not sure if they’re compatible (ie this chart).

    15How much power can a PCIe cable carry?

    The motherboard’s PCI Express connectors add up to 75 watts to the graphics card. Using the 6-Pin connector, up to 75 watts of electricity can be delivered.