Do Motherboards Come With SATA Cables?

There was a time when having a PC was considered a luxurious expense, but now the times have changed. It has become an indispensable appliance in every office, house, academic institution, and even other hospitality places like cafes, hotels, etc. This is a digital era where school/college assignments, official meetings, online classes, billings, and even get-together events happen on screens. 

All these statements reflect that computers are present everywhere now. 

So, while purchasing such utility equipment, the buyers usually seek answers like what other parts or accessories will be needed. And one of the most common queries that come up is that do motherboards come with SATA cables?

What is SATA Cable?

Before answering the above question, it is imperative to know what this wire is about. The acronym for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment is a cord with several pins. It helps connect the two most vital hardware components of a computer system- the motherboard and the hard drive. To access, edit, and perform any function on the computer, a SATA cable is what every operator will have to have without any alternative. 

Are SATA cables supplementary with motherboards?

Anybody investing in this valuable system will want to know about the fundamental fittings needed to run the computer effectually. So, there comes the question that do motherboards come with SATA cables? Well, the answer is a muddle of yes and no both. Read on to know both sides.

  • Yes, many motherboards in the market now come with a SATA cable as their prerequisite. However, such an assembly may come expensive as compared to the setup without such a cable. In this scenario, the issue may come that a person is not satisfied with the cable that comes with the initial buy. They may want a better version of the cable that they will have to pay again after locating an authentic store.
  • No, due to the added pricing, several manufacturers prefer to skip giving SATA cable with the motherboard itself. It helps to cut the cost, which is appealing to both the maker and the buyer. Also, there are different varieties of SATA cables available. And the user may prefer one or the other type. Hence, it makes sense to let the purchaser decide their preference and buy the cable later.

How to know if the motherboard has a SATA cable?

Now the next question would be how to identify the SATA cables. Well, ask the seller if the concerned model has this cord or not. Or, if the buyer missed enquiring about this, look for the features in any of the wires that came along with the order.

A power SATA cable will have 15 pins, and a regular one has seven pins. Also, their flatness at 90-degree is a prominent attribute that makes them easily identifiable. Do not fret if there is no SATA cable with the bought computer. It is an affordable piece that can be bought from any local but certified store.

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