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How To Make 30Fps Smooth On Pc? (Expert Answers)

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    Updated on January 1, 2023
    John Chad, Bachelor Computer Science Degree & Computer Engineering.
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    John Chad, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Computer Engineering.
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    ⌚️ Only have 60 seconds?
    – Force enable half-vsync via Nvidia Inspector.
    RTSS can be downloaded and installed; it also comes pre-installed with MSI Afterburner.
    Cap your game to 30 via RTSS, and you should have 100% correct frame pacing with zero judder.

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    Related Questions

    1How can I make my FPS look smoother?

    If you’re seeing low FPS in-game, there are a few steps you can take immediately..
    – Close background processes.
    – Update the game.
    – Update your graphics drivers.
    – Search for player tweaks and mods.
    – Repair your install.

    2Is 30 FPS OK on PC?

    30–45 FPS. Here’s how we get to the universally “playable” range. Frame rates in this range tend to be stuttering, but not so bad that the game becomes unplayably difficult due to the low frame rate. This is unintended, but most players will find that they will play games at this frame rate.

    3Is 30 FPS smooth enough?

    Yes, high frame rates are always good, and we’ll often select higher performance modes where appropriate, but 30FPS is also very good in certain situations.

    4Is 30 FPS laggy?

    If you tried to display 30 FPS on a monitor or TV meant for higher refresh rates like 120–240, I would say you can’t take 30 or even 60 FPS on a 240Hz monitor.

    5Why does 30 FPS look better than 60?

    They show you how fast the image on your screen changes, so a higher frame rate makes everything appear smoother and more fluid. In short, 30 fps means that 30 still images will be shown every second, while 60 fps means that 60 still images will be shown every second.

    6What is the smoothest FPS?

    We classify frame rates as follows:.
    – Sub-20 FPS: Unplayable. Don’t even bother.
    – 20-30 FPS: Borderline. Some people are OK with getting 20-30 FPS, though it may depend on the game.
    – 30-45 FPS: Playable. Most people are OK playing at this frame rate, even if it’s not perfect.
    – 45-60 FPS: Smooth.
    – 60+ FPS: Very smooth.

    7What is the highest fps on PC?

    144+ FPS GAMING The highest FPS for competitive games is provided by NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.

    8What is the highest fps ever?

    T-CUP was built on existing technology called compressed ultrafast photography (CUP), a method that it is capable of 100 billion fps. That’s very fast but not fast enough for INRS’s researchers and to capture what’s going on at the femtosecond scale. A femtosecond is one quadrillionth of a second FYI – that’s quick.

    9Is 30fps 60fps noticeable?

    Many gamers will say that there is no difference between 30 and 60 FPS, or any other frame-rate above 30 for that matter. As long as the frame-rate is at a constant 30 FPS or close to it, it is expected that it will be ‘buttery smooth’ and provide an enjoyable experience.

    10How to play smooth 30fps?

    Here’s what you’ll have to do:.
    – Force enable half-vsync via Nvidia Inspector.
    – Download and install RTSS; which also comes bundled with MSI Afterburner.
    – Cap your game to 30 via RTSS and you should have 100% proper frame pacing with zero judder.

    11Is 24 or 30 FPS better?

    24fps is generally accepted as the minimum frame rate for a “cinematic” frame rate. In North America, 30fps is allowed for broadcasting, and 25fps is Europe’s broadcasting standard. Many individual frames pass each second in the one-second sequence below. To be more specific, there are twenty-four people who are still waiting.

    We have divided the shot into individual frames, each representing 1/24th of a second.

    The question for this segment: Why 24? I find it much more useful to know how a clock ticks rather than simply knowing what it does. Why not 22 or 28.59? Why are we given these exact frame rates to work with? Many filmmakers choose 24fps because it is the industry fps for making your films feel “cinematic.” However, cinematic is just a general term for what we see as normal.

    Many articles about how The Hobbit films looked like cheap daytime television dramas were published in 201-This was because it was shot at 48 frames per second, giving us a completely different look.

    12Is 60 FPS smooth?

    Both smooth and sharp, and when combined into 24 images, it makes it look much cleaner.

    13Why does 30 fps feel worse on PC?

    Locking the fps with in-game vs. sync is a problem for several PC games. Consoles, games that “feel” smooth have a 33.3 millisecond frametime, while some PC games have a stifling frametime, with 0. x ms every second or so.

    14Is 30fps the best?

    30 frames per second: The best frame rate for TV and live action With just six more frames per second, 30fps is similar to 24 frames per second, but 30fps captures more detail in scenes with a lot of action or movement.

    15Why does 30 fps look better?

    YouTube video