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How To Take Out Motherboard Power Cable? (Expert Answers)

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The best way is to make sure the latch clip is out and then rock it back-and-forth until it is out. If it still bothers you, try putting the tip of a flat head screwdriver between the plug and the motherboard end, and then pry it out gently. Dec 19, 2018.

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1How do you detach a power supply cable?

The fastest way to connect your 24-pin PSU cable is to first insert the smaller piece (the 4-pin one) and then line up the wider piece until it is completely leveled. Once connected, it should look like a single connector — no wire should be sticking out or be misaligned.

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The 24-pin connector is both keyed and clipped, ensuring it can only go one way, much like most other connectors on this list. That, in short, is great for novice PC builders.

2How do I remove 24 pin power cable from motherboard?

I did it the right way: I clipped the connector, wriggle the connector from side to side, then pull the connector out the connector. If the connector doesn’t come out, try the clip and wriggle some more. Make sure you are pushing the clip the whole time.

3How do I remove the power supply plug in my computer?

4How do I unplug my ATX power?

5How do you remove a wire connector?

6How do I remove an electric cable?

With a screwdriver, you can unscrew the wires holding the wires in place. Pull the wires off the terminals. If desired, bend the wires back with a pair of needlenose pliers so you can pull off the wires.

7How do you unplug a 24 pin connector?

Slide your forefinger along the back of the connector and then press the top of the release clip with your thumb. With your other hand, grasp the connector’s outer short edges of the connector and shake the connector gently out of the socket on the board.

8What do I do if my 24 pin connector is stuck?

Make sure the clip has been released properly because sometimes you have to push the connector down for it to unclip. Then just pull harder.

9How do I remove my power supply pin?

10Can pulling the plug on a PC damage it?

Unplugging your computer is never a smart idea. As with turning it off at the power switch, disconnecting the power plug can also result in data loss or corruption, making the ‘shut down’ option a much more appealing alternative. Unplugging your PC can result in an electrical short, resulting in a potential power surge.

11How do I remove an 8 pin connector?

You need to click the clip holding it together. Unclip it then pull. (Not with full force).

12How do I remove SATA power cable?

Remove the direct connect SATA cable.
– Press the latch on the connector, and then disconnect the cable from the system board.
– Loosen the captive screw.
– Disconnect the other end of the cable from the drive backplane.
– Release the cable from the center DIMM baffle.

13Is it OK to unplug power cable?

To disconnect the power cord, pull it out by plug. Do not drag the cord itself. Doing so may result in injury to the cord, causing fire or electric shock. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet if the machine will not be used for a long time, such as holidays.

14How do I remove pin from cable?

15How do you remove a wire from a 6 pin connector?

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