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Motherboard 8 Pin Vs 4 Pin (Expert Answers)

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A 4-pin connector has a given resistance, and running a certain number of amps through the resistance leads to a certain voltage drop and generates heat from the resistance. An 8-pin connector will have half the resistance of the 4-pin connector, resulting in half the voltage drop and half the heat spread over twice the connector.

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1Can I use a 8 pin in a 4 pin motherboard?

In short, your mobo needs 8 pins from your PSU to your mobo, and 4 pins will never work.

2Do I need the 8 and 4 pin on my motherboard?

If you’re doing extreme overclocking, such as LN2, the 4 pin is only necessary. If you’re looking for something else, the 8 pin will have all the power you’ll need. Sorry, there was a problem.

3Is 8 pin enough for CPU?

The single 8 pin can give 300+ watts easily. I have tested it while overclocking my i9 10850k. So, if you’re not overclocking, you’ll be fine with just the 8 pins.

4Is 4 pins enough for CPU?

The 4 pin cable is rated for about 190 watts of power. The 8 pin is rated for around 320 watts. The Core i5 11400 will use 80-100 watts, perhaps, so even the 4 pin cable would be enough.

5Is 8 pin enough for GPU?

If the GPU needs more than 150 watts, it will be available as an 8-pin connector or two 6-pin connectors. As always, there are exceptions. The most popular graphics cards come with a 6-pin and an 8-pin connector. For example, the GeForce RTX 3060 from NVIDIA has both types of connectors.

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For example, the GeForce RTX 3060 from NVIDIA has both types of connectors. As a result, it has a maximum power consumption of 170 watts.

In some rare cases, the GPU will even have two 8-pin connectors. We get a total of 375 watts, which is a large number. In addition, you’ll still need to control the CPU (another key energy consumer) and the remainder of your PC’s components.

In even rarer cases, enthusiast GPUs need three 8-pin connectors. These are usually the manufacturers’ top-end models built to ensure the highest degree of cooling and overclocking. The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti LIGHTNING Z is an example of such a GPU.

In any case, it’s safe to say that your machine will be properly fueled with a 650 watt PSU. However, if you’re building a gaming machine with an RTX 3080/3090 or want to future-proof it (which is almost impossible), you should opt for a more robust PSU.

6Do I need both the 8 pin and 4 pin CPU power plug for my MSI b450 Pro Carbon?

The board has both 8-pin and 4-pin EPS connectors. This means you could plug in both or just one of them. In theory, more lines equals greater maximum power and current values. Even with the 4-pin connector, you’re fine with only the 8-pin connector, depending on the CPU.

7Does Ryzen 5900x need extra 4 pin?

You do not need another 4 pin. When you take out the Powerlimit and then run P95, you won’t even need more than a 4 pin.

8What are the 4 pins on a motherboard for?

The ATX 4-pin power supply connector is a common motherboard power connector used to supply +12 VDC to the processor voltage regulator.

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Pinout of ATX (ATX) Wikimedia Commons Below is the complete pinout table for the ATX 4-pin (2×2) 12V power connector as of Version 2.2 of the ATX Specification (PDF).

If you’re using this pinout table to measure power supply voltages, be aware that the voltages must be within ATX approved tolerances.

9Is 8-pin CPU same as PCIe?

You can’t substitute the PCIe cable for the CPU. They have different pin outs.

10Does GPU need both 6 and 8-pin?

That depends on your particular model. It needs a single 6-pin power connector at the very least. If it’s a mid-range GPU, it will come with either dual 6-pin connectors or, alternatively, a single 8-pin one. Both designs have the same amount of power (150W).

If it’s a mid-range GPU, it will come with either dual 6-pin connectors or, alternatively, a single 8-pin one.

The more power you’ll need to have the higher the product stack you choose, the more power you’ll need.

11How many pins does a CPU need?

According to various consumer-oriented processors, modern processors have approximately 1000 contacts or pins (938-1155). These contacts are used to move information and power from the motherboard socket to the CPU.

12Do CPU pins break easily?

Caution: CPU pins are extremely brittle, and although malleable, they can only be bent a finite number of times before breaking. If a pin breaks off, try a pinout diagram of your CPU to see if the pin happens to be a dummy pin or one that is otherwise insignificant.

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If a pin breaks off, try a pinout diagram of your CPU to see if the pin is a dummy pin or one that is otherwise insignificant. If so, consider yourself lucky and install your CPU as you normally would.

This article uses an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, but the procedure applies to all pin grid array (PGA) CPUs, including all AMD AM2, AM3, AM3, and AM4 socket CPUs.

13How fragile are CPU pins?

They’re delicate enough that you don’t want to ever touch them or put any pressure on them! The pins can be either in the motherboard socket or on the CPU, depending on whether you’re using an Intel or AMD CPU in today’s processors (the ones you can insert yourself). AMD has very fine pins, easily bent.

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