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Reflow Gpu With Hair Dryer (FAQ)

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1Can you use a hair dryer to reflow solder?

Any logic board will not be able to reflow any logic board at the temperature that is required.

Of course, this is just information for those that were curious about it in the first place.

2Can a hair dryer melt solder?

Not hot enough. A good hair dryer may hit 100C. A decent heat gun can easily hit 450C. Lead solder melting point (I know of) is around 185 degrees.

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This varies a lot depending on the solder used. On a Macbook Pro, I’ve done this for a bad motherboard (GPU). It got another year of use. Just remove the phones motherboard. Be sure all cable, &c are removed. Give it a shot. What have you got to lose on a dead phone motherboard? You can pick up a Galaxy S4 for $80 on eBay.

3Can I use hair dryer instead of heat gun for soldering?

You can use an alcohol burner, a soldering iron, a butane torch, or a 300-meter engraving laser, rather than a heat gun. Hair dryers, matches, lighter, clothing irons, or light bulbs can all work.

However, none of these will be as good as the real thing.

By the way, heat guns aren’t as costly as you think. Here is a really good one, found on Amazon.

Whichever substitute you choose to use, you’ll need to know how to do it properly.

4Can I use a hair dryer to Desolder?

Melting most common solder requires a much higher temperature than that of a safe hair dryer. So although the operation is similar, the temperatures are not. In addition, the hair dryer has an over-temperature cutout to prevent fires from causing burns.

5Can you use hair dryer instead of heat gun for electronics?

For those applications, hair dryers and heat guns have very similar functions, you can use a hair dryer rather than a heat gun. A hair dryer can be used instead of a heat gun for removing labels/stickers, removing candle wax, or similar duties.

6Can you melt solder with a lighter?

You can heat a piece of metal up to your solder’s melting point (between 400°F/200°C and 700°C). Butane lighters work the best. However, you can also use candles, oil lamps, alcohol burners, or even open camp fires.

7What temp does solder reflow?

With 40-80 seconds over 220°C, the typical reflow temperature range for Pb-Free (Sn/Ag) solder is 240-250°C. It should be noted that the recommended Sn/Pb reflow temperature range is less important, and that minor temperature variations in equipment and parts do not cause soldering issues.

8Can you reflow solder with a heat gun?

Can you reflow solder with a heat gun? Yes, that is a popular method during PCB assembly. However, you’re just a few seconds away from scorching the PCB. That’s not a bad way to recover surface mount components.

9What temperature should I reflow my motherboard?

250F, half an hour. Make sure all plastic is off of it. If you have access to an SMD station or even a heat gun, you can target the heat and avoid the melty areas.

10Is a hair dryer hot enough for heat shrink?

To start your heat shrinking, you can use a normal hairdryer as if it was a heat gun. It will take a lot longer than using a heat gun, especially if you only have a basic hairdryer. Keep the hair dryer as close as possible to the heat shrinkage and crack it up to its hottest setting.

11What can I substitute for a heat gun?

To name a few, the alternatives include a hair or blow dryer, a household iron, or a blow torch that is usually used by plumbers or heat tape.

12Will hairdryer melt plastic?

The short answer to this question is yes. Plastic film will shrink if heated by most hair dryers, according to a scientist. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride or polyolefin.

13Can I use a torch as a heat gun?

14Can I use hair dryer to open phone?

Member. Yea is possible. I took the screen off a few months ago using a hairdryer, plastic guitar pick, and a suction cup. The adhesive isn’t particularly strong on the long side of the screen, so you can start from there.

15How do you heat shrink tubing with a soldering iron?

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