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Sims 4 Mean Interactions On Computer (FAQ)

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    Updated on January 1, 2023
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    Related Questions

    1Why does my Sim keep doing mean interactions?

    However, players maintain that the overthrew meanness is a Sims 4 glitch. Autonomous simulations in The Sims 4 are a bug that has escaped from control. So what exactly is the problem? Sims will inevitably choose to do mean things with everyone around them for no reason whatsoever, according to players.

    Autonomous simulations in The Sims 4 are a bug that has escaped from control.

    Sims who have no characteristics that would encourage them to act will start wars with their closest friends and relatives even though they are not angry.

    2How do you turn off mean interactions in Sims 4 MCCC?

    For the time being, there are only two options for players: If you’re on PC/Mac and not opposed to mods, you can disable mean interactions autonomy with the MC Command Center. Click on a computer, select MCCC, go to MC Tuner, and change Interaction Autonomy. From there, turn off Autonomous Mean.

    3How do you make Sims stop being mean to each other?

    Click on the mean sim and select SOL. Click on settings. Then click on “Prevent/Remove Toxicness.

    4How do I make my Sims interact?

    You can either install your sim(s) into a pre-existing house or build one on an empty lot. After that, you will begin to interact with the other sims of the world.

    5Why does my sim randomly insult people?

    Sims 4 Has a Bug That Is Making Everyone Nasty. The Sims 4 seems to have a bug that is causing everyone to mock each other autonomously. Contrary to what some may believe, it’s more than the Sims simply waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

    6How do you get rid of the mean phase on Sims 4?

    So, to make a child leave a phase, type in “trees.” remove_trait” and hit enter.

    7How do you turn off jealousy in Sims 4 Command Center?

    Wicked Whims will also destroy jealousy. If you decide to use it, you will navigate like this – Wicked Whims settings > relationships > cheats. Here’s how to turn of lust so your Sims won’t be affected by it.

    Here’s how to turn of lust so your Sims won’t be affected by it.

    8Where is MCCC settings?

    All settings for MC Command Center and its modules can be found in the “MC Command Center” menu on computers or by typing “mc_settings” at the console.

    9How do you turn off the grid snapping on Sims?

    Grid Snapping can be toggled on/off on the Viewport Menu in the top right corner of the Viewport Menu or pressing I.

    10How do you force two Sims to like each other?

    11How do you get rid of negative sentiments on Sims?

    Tip: You can even delete a Sentiment by typing -100 instead of 100! Sim Sim Sim Sim was saved from the clutches of death by another Sim.

    12How do I make my Sims forgive each other?

    One way to mend their friendship is to give each Sim some time to process their emotions. Sentiments fade with time, as will the negative moodlets they give each Sim. Since negative emotions have lessened, friendly interactions have a higher chance of succeeding.

    13Can Sims Date their cousins?

    (Sims also can’t do any Romantic interactions with a person who is biological or legally adopted relative: this includes their parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, and first cousins.

    14Why are my Sims 4 interactions not working?

    Mods are most likely responsible for this problem, and you’ll have to sort through them manually to find out which one(s) are to blame. To delete localthumbcache, drag your Mods folder from your Sims 4 game folder. The package and a test to see that the social interactions are back.

    (You don’t have to save your progress; this is just for testing.) If the interactions are back, you can start testing your mods in batches. Any batch that causes the same issue must be divided and tested again before you find the problem file(s). When doing experiments, be sure to delete localthumbcache.package every time you quit.


    I don’t work for EA.

    15Is there a cheat on Sims 4 to make someone fall in love with you?

    Relationship Cheats.
    – On PC, hold CTRL and Shift, then press C.
    – On Mac, hold Command and Shift, then press C.
    – On PlayStation 4, hold all four shoulder buttons at once.
    – On Xbox One, hold all four shoulder buttons at once.

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