Top 5 Best Keyboards For Your Hands

Keyboards are an important part of the computer and typing experience, yet it seems most people just choose the first brand that comes to mind. However, just like how we find our favorite pair of shoes at our preferred store, we help you find the best keyboards for your hands.

There are lots of keyboards out there, and most of them are not created equally. Some offer a great typing experience, some are affordable, but most importantly to you, some fit your hands seamlessly. There’s no greater feeling than having a keyboard that fits your hands just right. It’ll be hard to go back to a generic keyboard once you’ve experienced the satisfaction of the right one.

There are 2 things we suggest when picking a keyboard:

  • Mechanical (for lightning-fast input + high lifespan)
  • Ergonomics (To avoid injuries in the long term)

Before we proceed explaining the benefits of mechanical keyboards & why you should go with a ergonomic keyboard, here’s our list of our top 4 keyboard choices:

Top 5 Best Keyboards For Your Hands

KeyboardBudget (Top to bottom - From Expensive to Cheapest)Check Price
SteelSeries Apex ProBest Mechanical Keyboard in the world
GK61 MechanicalSmall, ergonomic mechanical keyboard
SteelSeries Apex 3Ergonomic with wrist rest
Redragon K552Simple and cheap keyboard with good performance

Mechanical Keyboard Benefits

Mechanical keyboards are making their way into the mainstream. This is not surprising as more people become computer users every day. The increasing complexity of life has led to some people spending as much as 8 hours each day working at their computer. This can be very stressful if you have a keyboard that isn’t designed for your needs. This article will shed some light on the pros and cons of owning a mechanical keyboard.

There are many benefits to using a mechanical keyboard. You’ll be able to: type faster, have a more pleasant typing experience, and reduce stress on your fingers. The best mechanical keyboards are equipped with higher quality switches to increase tactile satisfaction as well as durability. You’ll also find that they’re available in various choices of quality, design, and price for different levels of needs.

That said, there are also some downsides. A mechanical keyboard is a little more expensive, it takes some getting used to if you’re not coming from mechanical keyboards, they have a lot more moving parts than their rubber dome counterparts, and they can be loud while typing.

Ergonomic Keyboard Benefits

A well-designed keyboard can improve your comfort and productivity while using the computer. It has long been known that improper positioning of hands can be a contributing factor in developing certain musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). An ergonomic or orthopedic keyboard allows the user to position their hands at the most natural angle, reducing stress on your wrists and forearms while you type. Your risk for MSDs, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, is also reduced.

Using an ergonomic keyboard is a small step towards preventing injury. It reduces hand and finger pronation and excessive movements of the wrists and hands. They are recognized by physical therapists as an important part of the recovery process for people who type all day for work. They can be used by home-based workers, business owners, educators and even children or seniors who have difficulty typing.

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