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Best Microphone For Sony A6600 – Our Picks

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If you’re looking at buying a new digital SLR or mirrorless camera then there is one that is likely going to be on your shortlist – the amazing Sony Alpha series of models. These range from compact point-and-shoot style devices all the way up to full-frame DSLRs with interchangeable lenses.

Alongside these higher-end cameras, there’s an entire line of accessories including memory cards and camera bags designed specifically for the brand. One accessory, in particular, has been making waves recently however, it’s not just another piece of kit but rather something that could make or break your experience when using your camera. It’s the humble microphone!

In this article, I’m going to explain what exactly they do and how best to use them if you own any of the Sony Alpha series cameras (including their budget-friendly alternatives).

Before getting into details let me quickly state that by far the most popular type of audio recording device used today is still… the DAW or Digital Audio Workstation which can also be known as Pro Tools or Logic Pro etc.

You’ll find that many professional music producers will actually record instruments without ever hitting “record” because it allows much greater control over timing and volume levels whereas tape would often cause unwanted noise and distortion. However, you may want to consider investing in the right kind of microphone(s) depending upon the nature of the sound source and what you plan to shoot. There are two main types of audio recorder/recording device; condenser and dynamic mics.

Condenser microphones tend to pick up more high-frequency information such as human voice while dynamic microphones like those found in laptops tend to handle lower frequencies better. If you take lots of video footage then you should probably invest in a good quality shotgun microphone so that you don’t miss out on capturing certain moments. Another consideration is whether you need an external microphone.

Most modern cameras come equipped with either internal or built-in microphones although some manufacturers include both options. Let’s now look at each of these things in detail.

Best Microphone For Sony A6600

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About The Sony A6600

The Sony Alpha 6600 was released in 2014 and is currently available in silver or black. As mentioned above, this model comes equipped with an integrated microphone that uses a diaphragm to detect vibrations caused by incoming sound. This helps reduce background hiss and provides clear recordings even in quieter environments where other noises might interfere.

Other features included are manual wind controls allowing users to adjust the direction and strength of the microphone sensitivity to suit conditions. Also notable is the pop filter feature which prevents sudden bursts of air from escaping the mouthpiece causing feedback (a sort of echo effect), thus preventing accidental recordings from being made due to breathing.

Finally, the mic itself offers three directional patterns enabling users to select between wide-angle, cardioid, or figure eights.

Although it is a decent mic, using an external microphone usually gives you better quality & results.

Microphone Types And Styles Explained

As previously stated, there are 2 main categories of microphone technology. Dynamic microphones utilize electromagnetic induction in order to convert vibration into electrical signals, while condenser microphones work on capacitance principles.

Both technologies operate via a preamplifier circuit before transmitting the signal through to the output jack cable. When compared directly, dynamic microphones produce slightly clearer results than their counterparts but generally require larger power sources and therefore suffer from reduced battery life.

They’re also considerably bulkier and heavier too. On the flip side, condensers offer superior clarity but only capture low frequencies and are therefore less suited to picking up voices against loud backgrounds. For example, someone speaking quietly next door wouldn’t register very well. Many people opt to combine different styles of microphones within their setup in order to get the best of both worlds.

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Let’s briefly examine the differences between various kinds of microphones, starting off with small handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. While similar in design to traditional handheld static microphones, newer versions are able to rotate 360 degrees around a central axis offering added flexibility and functionality. The result is that instead of needing to physically hold the phone still and facing forwards in typical circumstances, owners can position themselves anywhere and everywhere with ease.

Notable brands such as Shure, AKG, and Sennheiser have developed products aimed squarely at consumers who wish to pursue further education in this field. Some companies specialize in designing miniature yet powerful microphones capable of handling demanding situations such as sports broadcasts and live performances, whilst others focus purely on producing reliable equipment suitable for everyday applications.

One final thing worth mentioning regarding microphones is that, unlike digital cameras and camcorders, microphones are unable to alter exposure settings automatically in response to changing lighting conditions. Since microphones lack automatic functions, they must rely on electronic circuitry and software processing algorithms to achieve the desired outcome.

This means that in order to avoid compromising image quality users must manually adjust settings until optimal results are achieved.

Does Sony a6600 have a mic input?

It does, and although it is good, it’s not quite as good as an external microphone.

Two of the most common ways to connect an external microphone to this camera involve connecting USB cables to the camera body or inserting mini-sized adapters called XLR adaptors into the 3rd port located along the top edge of the unit. Both solutions provide limited connectivity since the ports are shared amongst several components such as flash units and viewfinders. Additionally, neither option enables users to switch between modes easily meaning that it doesn’t always work as intended.

Although adding a third-party adapter appears to solve the issue, it does introduce other problems. Firstly, mini XLR connectors aren’t compatible with standard XLR connections. Secondly, if anything happens to damage the connector part of the adapter then it becomes unusable which makes switching back to your original solution quite difficult. Thirdly, after disconnecting the extra component, your hands will inevitably touch parts of the body which leads to dirt and dust transferring onto your gear. Lastly, the cost involved in purchasing multiple adapters is considerable and requires careful planning beforehand.

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An alternative method involves using a specialized microphone mount that attaches to the hot shoe. With this approach, you can attach whatever type of microphone suits your needs and then simply remove it again once filming is complete. Unfortunately, though, mounting systems usually consist of bulky pieces of hardware which add significant weight and size to your overall setup. Furthermore, since mounts are typically mounted outside the lens barrel, they won’t work properly if your camera is fitted with telephoto lenses or macro optics.


Overall, I personally think that the Sony A6600 is a fantastic piece of kit. It seems to strike the perfect balance between affordability, practicality, and performance. That said, it’s definitely worthwhile to explore other possibilities if you decide to buy online. Don’t forget that if you choose to purchase second-hand items, you should check reviews first to see what previous customers thought of its build quality and durability. Buying cheap refurbished items can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars but you never know what hidden issues they might harbor underneath. Good luck hunting down the best deals!

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