Top 3 Best Monitor For BMPCC 6K

The best external monitor for your camera is not always the most expensive one, but it does offer the maximum amount of functionality, in this article we will let you know our personal Top 3 Best External Screen For BMPCC 6K.

A decent screen lets you enjoy increased productivity by letting you handle your camera and monitor simultaneously. Three elements are crucial to the success of an external monitor – its screen quality, its performance, and its connectivity to other devices.

Things to keep in mind when picking a screen:

  • Why using one will make you a better Photographer/Videographer.
  • Why you should have one
  • What is a good size
  • Major Features to look for

Before we proceed though, let us show you our favorite choices.

Top 3 Best Monitor For BMPCC 6K

We will list from the most expensive to the cheapest, pick the one you prefer based on your budget.


  • 5-INCH 1000-nit SCREEN: The Shinobi monitor. The ultimate screen built for the photographer. With a stunning 5-inch 10-bit HDR or SDR display, the Shinobi screen allows you to see your images clearly in daylight on the 1000nit screen featuring a special Anti-Reflective coating and Anti-fingerprint technology.


  • 【Newest Innovative Touch Screen】: The F6 Plus allows you to zoom into your image with a pinch gesture and access menu settings conveniently on its touchscreen.
  • 【Custom 3D LUT Support】:The LUT loading function makes the color calibration easier and more intuitive, helping you optimize the work flow efficiently. It also supports loading custom 3D LUTs and has a USB Class-C port for high-speed data
  • 【Convenient Mounting – Tilt Arm】
  • 【Flexible Dual-purpose Battery Plate】


  • 7″ IPS screen, High Resolution
  • 4K HDMI input and output
  • 【One year warranty】

Why using an external monitor will make you a better Photographer/Videographer

People, who are actively engaged in video recording, would definitely look for an external monitor which can augment their video recording experience and make it more efficient.

It helps you obtain an optimum level of performance. This means that you will be able to increase the settings and get more control over the outcome of your recordings.

They show you what is in the frame to make sure you´re getting the shot that you want. They also displays vital camera settings like the exposure, white balance, and audio levels.

Essentially it helps you improve the quality of your recording up by a notch.

What is a good size for an external monitor

We generally suggest a 5.5″ up to 7″ screens. The issue with 7″screens is that you need to make sure you have proper support for it as they weigh a bit more and not all supports can hold it efficiently without bending, thus we recommend 5.5″ inch screens for most people.

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