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[ANSWERED] Are Refurbished Laptops Good? – The Facts

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    Updated on October 6, 2022
    John Chad, Bachelor Computer Science Degree & Computer Engineering.
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    John Chad, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Computer Engineering.
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    This question has been asked countless times and we’re finally writing this article for you to stop worrying about such questions.

    Refurbished laptops are not just the same as new laptops. These are actually well-used and repaired devices that have been tested to be in working order by a certified technician. Besides, they come at a much lower price than brand new ones!

    In this blog post, we will discuss how these devices compare to brand new ones and what benefits they offer for consumers.

    Are Refurbished Laptops Good? 

    Research has shown that the answer is yes. A study by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that “refurbished laptop buyers had fewer problems with their machines and were more satisfied in general.” So if you’re looking for a reliable laptop at an affordable price, then you should consider buying one of these second-hand computers.


    – They are cheaper than new ones. This is a big pro in the eyes of consumers who are looking for affordable laptops with good hardware and features that will last them at least four years.

    – The quality can be just as great, if not better! These laptop users have reported positive experiences when it comes to their performance.

    A study by Consumer Reports concluded, “that these laptops offer many of the same benefits as new machines – without all the expense.”  And since these second-hand computers come with warranties from trusted vendors like Amazon or Best Buy, you can feel secure knowing any technical issues will be fixed right away.


    – The warranty on refurbished laptops will be much shorter than a new laptop’s. This can lead to costly repairs when your computer stops working and the warranty has expired.

    – There are less options in design, color, size and other features that you might prefer if you’re looking for something specific or unique. Newer models have more exciting designs which may not matter for everyone but it is worth noting nonetheless!

    What to look for when buying them?

    – Search for a laptop that is less than six months old as the older ones are more likely to have problems.

    – Check reviews on Amazon or other sites before you buy it! The most helpful reviews will be verified purchases of people who experienced firsthand what they’re talking about.

    – People generally say refurbished laptops can go either way in terms of quality so don’t assume all laptops are good just because one person likes theirs, but if someone has had bad experiences with them then make sure to take note and avoid those specific models.

    *Just remember, though: even new computers have their share of flaws.* Regardless of whether your computer is new or used, there’s always the potential for a hardware failure.


    Refurbished laptops are an affordable option without sacrificing quality – especially important since they don’t come with warranties as long as new devices do. If what you need most from a laptop is efficiency (and who doesn’t?) then this could be the perfect purchase for you.

    Environmentally Friendly Laptops!

    Refurbished laptops are environmentally friendly. The more of these low-impact models get purchased, the less energy is used to produce new ones.

    Refurbishing also creates a reduced carbon footprint because it requires significantly less raw materials and resources than manufacturing brand new devices. Buying refurbished laptops cuts down on waste and helps reduce your environmental impact – not to mention saves you money!

    *This is why some people choose buying them over completely new PCs for their work or home office.*