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[ANSWERED] Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth? Guide to Identify Them

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    Updated on October 6, 2022
    John Chad, Bachelor Computer Science Degree & Computer Engineering.
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    John Chad, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Computer Engineering.
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    Motherboards are a critical component in any computer and understanding which ones come with Bluetooth is important. This article will help you identify motherboards that have Bluetooth built-in to them, as well as give some information about how to identify the ones that do.

    Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth?

    Some do, some don’t! Most motherboards that also have built-in WiFi also have Bluetooth. If you are looking to buy one then make sure to read the specifications & features, if it mentions built-in WiFI then you’re most likely good to go.

    If you already own a motherboard and if yours does not have WiFi built-in then it definitely will not have Bluetooth either, we have never found a motherboard with Bluetooth and without WiFi.

    If you want to find out if your motherboards has it built-in or not, or if you want to find out how to properly identify motherboards with it before buying them then just keep on reading as we will answer all these questions.

    Why Bluetooth is important to have on your motherboard

    Bluetooth is an important part of any computer because it allows for wireless data transfer. This means that It can allow you to do things like connecting a phone or tablet or even a PS4/5 Controller wirelessly to your computer without using cables, which is especially useful if the device has no available ports and/or charging capabilities.

    If you want to be able to use this kind of feature on your motherboard, then make sure that it comes with built-in support before purchasing it!

    How do I know if my motherboard has Bluetooth?

    Most motherboards that come with WiFi also come with Bluetooth capabilities, so it’s a good idea to check the specs of your motherboard and see if there is in-built WiFi. If not, you may be able to buy an external module that will plug into one of the USB ports on your board.

    You can identify if your motherboard has this capability by looking at the specifications of your product. Information about this will usually be in the product packaging or on a sticker attached to the device itself. If you are not sure, there is an easy way to find out!

    Go on Google & type in something like, “[Brand] + [Product Name] Bluetooth.” It will usually show you the board manufacturer along with all the specs and features. You may even find a YouTube video that shows exactly where to find the transmitter on your motherboard as well as how to connect & use it!

    What are some motherboards with Bluetooth and WiFi?

    It depends on what chipset you’re going for, you can check some of our other articles which tell you some good motherboards for each chipset such as the Z590 Chipset, B560 Chipset, Z490 Chipset, and so on.

    We recommend you to check the products from:

    These three brands have been noted as the best for their quality of build and performance: MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte. All 3 brands mentioned on this list offer a wide range of different boards at various price points from beginner to professional! Be sure to research what you need before buying so you can be confident in your purchase decision. It will pay off in the long run.

    So how do I know where my motherboard’s Bluetooth transmitter is?

    The location of your Bluetooth chip will vary depending upon what type of motherboard you have. The first thing you’ll need to find out in order to locate the chip is what type of motherboard you have. This will usually be on the box that your computer came in, or if it’s a new device then there may be stickers identifying which chipset is used by the board inside, otherwise, just check the manual that comes with your motherboard or google the motherboard name and find the manufacturer, sometimes they have online manuals.

    And obviously, make sure your board actually has it built-in otherwise you will obviously not find it anywhere.

    How do I get Bluetooth on my PC if it’s not built-in?

    If your motherboard does not have this capability, don’t worry, you’re in luck! Adding it is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

    – Purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle that plugs into one of your computer’s free USB ports

    – Install the necessary drivers for any software updates needed on your current system or add them manually if they are not included with the installation package

    – Connect and pair up devices using whatever method suited best (usually by pressing “Pair” on both)

    – There will now be an option called “Bluetooth Settings” under Devices & Printers when you open Windows Explorer. From here, all settings can be customized such as how long data will stay.